Silent Boot

Silent Boot is a simple app that uses a workaround to suppress annoying startup sounds on some Android phones. It mutes the phone on shutdown and restores the previous state after boot which prevents any chimes to be played. The project has an interesting history, as it originally started off way back in 2010 after a discussion on the forums. This means it was still created with the Android Development Tools for the Eclipse IDE with an initial API target level of 3 - that’s good old Android 1....

July 6, 2022

Hack Deck

A simple macro keyboard designed from scratch. Overview Microcontroller Raspberry Pi Pico running a simple CircuitPython firmware that acts as a USB HID keyboard. PCB The board offers room for eight Cherry MX compatible switches. Each switch is wired to its own GPIO port on the Pico and all share one common ground connector. Case Simple enclosure consisting of a top and bottom half. Part List Other than the board and the case that can be produced from the designs, following parts are needed:...

May 24, 2021


This Linux Bluetooth utility uses the Virtual Host Controller Interface to replay HCI traffic from dump files on a virtual interface. It is meant as a powerful debugging tool that allows developers to debug problems with particular controllers and Bluetooth hardware on their own system configurations. Documentation Source Code

February 21, 2016

Beagleboard xM Android lab environment

During this project I created a new student lab environment for future courses in Embedded Systems and Android development. Starting point was a Beagleboard xM single-board computer running Android 4 which was extended with various peripherals and interfaces. I documented some of the work in the blog posts below.

February 21, 2016